I admit, I’m lazy and slept through most of June. Thankfully, summer shows are mostly up, so I’ll have 2 whole months to make excuses. As always, not in any particular order.

Post-Movement(group show), Cristin Tierney
Erik Schoonebeek, Jeff Bailey
Beneath (group show), Vogt
Summer Camp (group show), Schroeder Romero + Shredder
Zackary Drucker, PS1
Jack Smith, PS1
Vision Quest (group show), Nicole Klagsbrun
Jacolby Satterwhite + Devin Troy Strother, Monya Rowe
Christian Jankowski, Friedrich Petzel
Amy Feldman, Blackston
Size Matters (group show), Dodge
Regina Rex: Part One, Eli Ping
Between Two States (group show), Ed Varie
Michele O’Marah,Brennan + Griffin
Home Again, Again (group show), The Journal
Cosmo (group show), Klaus Von Nichtssagend
Someone Has Stolen Our Tent (group show), Simon Preston
It’s Endless Undoing (group show), Thierry Goldberg
year one (group show), Toomer Labzda
John Houck, Kansas
Rineke Dijkstra, Guggenheim
Sharon Hayes, Whitney
Stretching Painting (group show), Galerie Lelong
How Do It Know (group show), Essex Street
Painting in Space (group show), Luhring Augustine
Sarah Dornner, Bureau
B-Out (MASSIVE group show), Andrew Edlin
Kelly McCafferty, Freight + Volume
Heat Waves (group show), Peter Blum
Abigail DeVille, Recess Activities Red Hook
Ryan James McFarland, Charles Bank
Is This Free? (group show), NurtureArt
Cut Up, Storefront
Up Do, Jeff Bailey

…and as always, subject to change and expansion

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