I’m posting on this old blog again to appeal to you on behalf of Dirty Looks NYC’s incredible summer undertaking Dirty Looks: On Location. With approximately 70 hours to go, we need to raise an additional $3740 in order tofully fund this project. Any amount you can pledge will put us one step closer to realizing our goal of producing this ambitious and meaningful program. Spreading the word is also immensely helpful! We absolutely need your help in order to make this project happen, which we cannot do without being fully backed.

Dirty Looks: On Location (July 1 - 31) is a truly experimentalfilm festival. On Location will install avant-garde film and video art throughout New York, literally taking work to the streets, in an unprecedented programming effort. Over 170 supporters have taken notice and we have receivedgreat press from The Huffington Post and indieWIRE in just this last week.

Dirty Looks: On Location is an education based series assembled by 12 emerging curators that will pair important experimental works from figures like Barbara Hammer, Mike Kuchar, William E. Jones, Charles Atlas, Tara Mateik,Nayland Blake and AA Bronson, and Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, among many others, withthriving queer venues and shuttered queer sites. The series will trace ourhistories using teaser videos (like the ones below) and with texts placed onpostcards and our fold-out map, which will direct attendees to our 31 different sites, throughout the month of July.

Location portrait #1: The Everard Baths

Location portrait #2: Flawless Sabrina’s (The Queen, 1968) apartment!

Participating artists include: Peggy Ahwesh, Eleanor Antin, Charles Atlas, Juan Betancurth, Nayland Blake and AA Bronson, Joan Braderman, Heather Cassils, Shirley Clarke, Peter Cramer and Jack Waters, Cheryl Dunye, Deanna Erdmann, Carl Michael George, FredHalsted, K8 Hardy, Jim Hubbard, Derek Jarman, William E. Jones, Mike Kuchar, Kalup Linzy, Pier Marton, Tara Mateik, Shana Moulton, Sheila Pepe, LutherPrice, Marlon Riggs, Jose Rodriguez-Soltero, Emily Roysdon, Frank Simon / Jack Doroshow, AND MANY MORE!

Participating curators include: Tova Carlin, Paul Dallas, Kathryn Garcia and Sarvia Jasso, DavidEveritt Howe, Jamillah James (moi!), Karl McCool, Bradford Nordeen, Bryce Renninger, Abbe Schriber, Todd Shalom, Ethan Weinstock, and Jake Yuzna.

Please pledge today to support an innovative approach to programming andeducation. This series is about the queer legacies that thrive in our city, butalso about those stories that are dangerously nearing obscurity.

In solidarity, Jamillah xo

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